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Lida Trading carry a range of accessories handy for any Pizza Shop. From equipment like peels, cutters and trays, to accessories for your finished product like pizza pillars or inserts for your boxes. We also carry the incredibly popular "slice plates" to assist your business in selling smaller servings.

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Pizza Pillars

Dough Scraper

Pizza Cutter (Wheel Type) 100mm

Pizza Trays
Available in 6", 9", 10", 12", 13", 15", 18"

Pizza Crunch (10kg)

Delivery Bag
Holds 4 x 15" Pizzas

Eco Delivery Bag
Holds 3 x 15" Pizzas

1/4 Slice Plates

1/8 Slice Plates

Pizza Boards

Pizza Inserts

Pizza Stands Stainless Steel
Bench Mounted

Pizza Stands Stainless Steel
Wall Mounted

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