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Lida Trading carries a variety of disposable cutlery options. We have standard knives and forks available in black and white. However, if you would like something different, be sure to note our range of wooden and classic cutlery.

Lida Trading also stock a number of items specific to some cuisines, such as wooden chopsticks, stirrers and toothpicks.

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White Plastic Cutlery
Knives, Forks, Dessert Spoons & Teaspoons

Black Plastic Cutlery
Knives, Forks, Dessert Spoons & Teaspoons

Classic (Stainless Look) Cutlery
Knives, Forks & Dessert Spoons

Premium Cutlery
Knives & Forks

Wooden Cutlery
Knives & Forks

Soup Spoons

Soda Spoons
White & Black

Cutlery Combo
Pre-Wrapped Knife, Fork & Napkin

Wooden Chopsticks

Wooden Stirrers


Bamboo Boat Oar Skewers


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